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Programs We Offer

After-School, Summer Camp, and Basketball Academy

​Youth activities are services provided to grammar school children ages 5-14 and high school students ages 15-18 from low income and working poor families who are residents of Jersey City, New Jersey.  ABC, Inc. believes reaching children at an early age can have a positive impact on their lives when they are provided with an opportunity for organized, structured, supervised activities provided by interested and caring adults.


Children are divided into appropriate age groupings in order to participate in the following organized recreational activities: basketball, volleyball, flag football, cheerleading, dance, arts and crafts. Teams are formed and tournament play is provided.  In addition to the athletic activities, homework assistance, educational activities, cultural field trips/activities, STEM and project-based learning is provided.  Family involvement is encouraged by volunteerism and participation in both the recreational and educational sessions.  


The program also conducts family interviews to become aware of any immediate family needs and provides supportive services through referrals to other service organizations that can assist in the improvement of the family dynamic.  The children are provided with incentives such as certificates of achievement/completion, trophies, and ribbons.  Each participant is given something to affirm that they are “winners” because of their participation in a positive activity that is enhancing their health and general well-being. 

Each ABC, Inc. program will be provided with T-shirts that will be required to be worn when participating in the various program activities. T-shirts give them a sense of connection and “belonging” to the positive image promoted by the organization. The message to their peers is “I’m an ABCkidz I’m doing something to better myself and have the support of my fellow ABC participants & staff.”.  Our ABC T-shirts and product giveaways present an opportunity for an emotional boost to the young person.


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