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After School

After School Program

Athletes for a Better Community, Inc.’s (ABC, Inc.) offers a FREE

After-School program for children no less than 8 years of age and no more than 14 years of age, which will help cultivate your child’s Dreams by empowering them in their academics by providing tutoring and homework assistance.


The focus is to help increase individual productivity, social interaction and enhance self-esteem building while keeping participants exposed to multi-cultural experiences. 


We want to help our children to begin to Dream by introducing them to different activities which may spark their purpose.  ABCkidz will also be engaged in organized sports, creative writing/poetry, acting, music, and fine arts. We pride ourselves with teaching our ABCkidz how to embrace challenges and develop a healthy approach to learning, simply by helping them to envision the possibilities and making it FUN!


It is our pleasure to maintain the highest degree of quality service and commitment to our participants.  The After-School program will have limited space available to enable proper attention to our participants.  


The tentative date for the program will be October 2020 through May 2020 from 3:30 PM until 7:00 PM.  Healthy snacks will be provided daily.  Fridays will be Fundays with open forums and special activities.  We will also schedule an array of guest speakers to visit the After-School program and serve as role models for our ABCKidz. 


If you wish to enroll your child, please complete the online registration form or contact us. 


  • Location & Dates will be determined following the reopening of schools and returned to regular sports and recreation activities following COVID-19.

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