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Athletes for a Better Community (ABC), Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization established by former St. Anthony High School and Marquette University star Charles “Mandy” Johnson.  


The purpose of the organization is to provide a variety of services to youth and families with a focus on athletic activity enhanced by supportive and educational services.  


It was his intent to establish year-round programming that would provide structured quality initiatives and positive alternative activities for inner city youth - specifically, the goal is to assist those who live in and around public housing.  


Jersey City youth (like many of their counterparts and/or peers from urban cities) are often embattled with fundamental challenges, disparity, and a personal decision to do right or wrong.  


The streets are a magnet that engulfs the very essence of our young people and swallow them up into a world of disarray. The participation of our youth in a structured, safe environment with impacting activities can change their lives for the better.  

Vision 2023 – Main Objectives

To enhance the quality of life for the youth, young adults and families by offering programs that address their physical, academic, emotional and interpersonal skills.

To encourage continuation of education for the development of marketable skills to achieve and enjoy a better life and become more productive citizens.


To offer a basketball academy (leagues and other recreational opportunities) where youth and young adults can increase their athletic skills, become more physically fit, exercise fundamental teamwork principals and improve social skills.


To provide mandatory workshops and encourage family participation that will expose youth and young adults to positive influences, ideals and forums for life planning, resistance skills against at-risk behaviors, career thinking, and referrals for supportive services as needed to other positive intervention community resources.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of ABC is to promote the importance of athletics, education, and community involvement among youth in Jersey City and their families. ABC offers athletic and recreational activities with academic assistance including lectures, counseling, and workshop to help Jersey City’s youth increase their self-awareness and to build their self-esteem.  

Founder & President

Athletes for a Better Community, Inc. (ABC) was incorporated in August 2001 and is located in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Its mission is the promotion of social welfare through the provision of charitable activities that will bring about civic enrichment and social improvement. 


The organization provides a variety of services to youth, young adults, and families with a focus on athletic activity enhanced by supportive and educational services.  ABC, Inc. was founded by Charles "Mandy" Johnson, a graduate of Saint Anthony's High School and a recipient of numerous athletic honors, who went on to many other achievements as a player for Marquette University.  


Mr. Johnson believes, as was his life experience, that athletics is a means of self enhancement and personal development.  Understanding the significance that athletic activity along with academic Achievement played in his successes, the organization was founded with the help of volunteers in order to give youth, young adults and families in Jersey City a chance to benefit from positive and uplifting environment of organized sports and educational assistance. 

Charles "Mandy" Johnson

Athletes for a Better Community, Inc. (ABC) is based in Jersey City where much of the youth and families serviced by the organization come from very low to low-income homes where resources for the enrichment of the lives of family members, especially young children are limited. Families are hard-pressed to provide even the basic needs of their' youngest members such as food, shelter and clothing.


Families cannot afford the costs of after school programs, and summer camps, leaving their children at risk of becoming involved in negative behaviors including drugs, crime, and poor academic performance. 


ABC, Inc. has strived to provide comprehensive and extensive services for positive recreation for a growing and diverse population of youth, grammar school and high school age students.  ABC, Inc. is a valued community organization committed and dedicated to providing programming servicing 4 to 17-year-old youth. 


Mr. Johnson believes that athletics is a means of self enhancement and personal development. Understanding the benefits that athletics, academics, and the team experience played in his personal and professional success.  The organization began encouraging good physical health and life achievement skills.  The founder's notoriety and commitment to providing life skills training in conjunction with recreational activities to program participants continues to make a substantial impact on thousands of young lives.  


Athletes for a Better Community, Inc. and Sponsors are ready to accelerate growth and refocus operations to service more children and make a greater impact.  Although ABC, Inc. has been in operation for many years, it has remained heavily concentrated on after school, basketball clinics, summer camps and personal development workshops.


With a renewed commitment to its mission and vision management is charting an expansion program. With its compelling story, core base supporters, and community standing, ABC, Inc. seeks to make a greater impact on the children of Jersey City and surrounding areas by providing access to opportunities they would not otherwise have.  ABC, Inc. believes the fundamentals learned through its programs will enhance the participants success and growth.

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